A Planet Under Threat

Our planet is drowning in garbage. Each year, it’s estimated we generate about 2.6 trillion pounds of waste. When not properly disposed, trash pollutes the environment and kills wildlife. Even in landfills, garbage does not just disappear. Inorganic materials like plastic and styrofoam can take up to 1,000 years to decompose and leach harmful chemicals in the soil. Our environment can only take so much. As populations rise and consumption increases, only sustainable choices made everyday by informed individuals will make a difference.

Discarded styrofoam cup
Enough plastic is thrown away each year to circle the Earth four times.
Grove of palm trees

An Eco-Friendly Alternative

For many occasions, disposable dinnerware is the only realistic option. But it need not harm the environment. Palm leaf products from Clean Earth Goods are made from fallen areca palm leaves. Leaves that would otherwise be discarded or burned are collected, washed, shaped, and sterilized one at a time. They are 100% natural, biodegradable, and compostable. Unlike other compostable goods, palm leaf products do not require commercial facilities to decompose and may be composted at home where temperatures are not as high.

Palm leaf products are tree-free and more sustainable than paper.

Clean Earth Goods

Founded by Rajesh Karyampudi and Lance Gutin in late 2016, Clean Earth Goods produces eco-friendly tableware. After leaving their jobs in tech, Raj and Lance embarked on separate and extended trips to the developing world. During their travels, each quickly found it impossible to ignore the widespread pollution that now imperils life in so many environments and cultures around the globe. Upon their return, Raj and Lance conceived a company to focus on what is most essential – our planet. We are a small business committed to making the environment a bit greener and the world a bit better. Our palm leaf products are sourced from Shimoga in southern India and production provides fair-wage employment to hundreds of hard-working men and women.

Pile of palm leaf plates